Cognac Pellisson

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COGNAC PELLISSON, 1930s. Original French Advertising Poster (31 x 47” / 95 x 128 cm) originally rolled and now linen backed. This iconic image of a woman clown carrying an over-sized barrel on her back is one of Cappiello’s best and earliest poster artworks he created in the overstatement department – shocking and surprising us with his incongruity and visual impact that this image provides. The barrel reads “Pellisson Pere & C. Cognac” and the title reads “Cognac Pellisson”. The company was founded in 1836 and to this day Cappiello’s image still remains the product’s logo.

•Category:Food and Beverage
•Artist: Leonetto Cappiello
•Circa 1930's
•Dimensions:31" x 47"
Linen Backed 

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