Chocolat Carpentier

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Original lithograph with Tax stamp, Chocolat Carpentier, c. 1895. A wet nurse looks as if she's got quite a situation on her hands, namely that every mammal in the nearby vicinity-herself included-wants to get themselves a taste of some delicious Carpentier hot chocolate. At the moment a plucky feline has the upper paw, but don't count the baby or the pup out quite yet. In truth, we may well be looking at the calm before the storm, and Gerbault masterfully captures the pre-chaos moment with sly humor and precariously balanced savoir faire. H. Gerbault, size 39 1/2" x 55"

•Category:Food and Beverage
•Circa: 1895
•Artist: H. Gerbault
•Dimensions:39 1/2" x 55"
linen backed.

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