Maitre de L'Affiche plate 207, Grand Bazar des Halles

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Maitres de L’Affiche plate 207, Grand Bazar des Halles Et des Postes, by F. Cercle, c. 1899. A joyful image of a young Napoleon with paper hat, hand in jacket, atop a white wooded steed, saluted by a pretty, well-dressed your lady, her doll at her feet. With a vibrant red background. An advertisement for a well-known toy and gift store. Size 9” x 12”, matted size 15” x 19”. With lithographic stamp.

•Category:Retail and Shopping 
•Artist:F. Cercle 
•Dimensions:9” x 12”
matted 15” x 19”
Linen Backed 
with lithographic stamp

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