Napoleon, Abel Gance 1981

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Abel Gance's epic 1927 silent film "Napoléon" is well known as the longest film ever made, but really excelled in innovative cinematic techniques. In preparation for a Zoetrope Productions screening of the restored version, Francis Ford Coppola's father, Carmine, scored the film and it opened at Radio City Music Hall in 1981 with a live orchestra and to great acclaim. Francis Ford Coppola produced the event. This poster, which was created for the 1981 gala, is a faithful reproduction of the original master publicity poster from 1927. The portion at the bottom was where the venue, time and date of the screening was printed. Size 47" x 61", C. 1980

•Category:Theater and Film
•Artist: Maulth
•Circa: 1980
•Dimensions:47" x 61"
linen backed.

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