Relsky. 1924.

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Relsky. 1924.
"Cappiello was inclined to use a touch of the exotic or the grotesque to rouse the casual viewer from their urban apathy. Here, he gives us...both with this good-time Russian" (Cappiello/Rennert, p. 123). This, the smallest variant of the original 1910 design, is previously undocumented, and substitutes "Liquor Bicentenaire" for "Vodka" in the upper right corner, while "1721" adorns the Russian's fur hat. This is the 8th edition of the poster, printed in 1924. Hilariously, the origin date of 1721 may be a lie (cf Bieres du Fort, lot 246); Relsky vodka also goes by the name Relska, and various publications assert it's been variously distilled in Ukraine, France and Hartford, Connecticut. 1721 is no random year; it's when Peter the Great defeated Sweden and became Emperor of All Russia; thus, marketing geniuses may have confabulated the legend of Relsky from whole cloth.

•Category Food & Beverage 
•Artist Leonetto Cappiello 
•Circa 1924
•Origin Paris
•Dimensions 31 5/8 x 47 in./80.4 x 119.3 cm
Linen Backed

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