Secours National

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Semaine Du Secours National, c. 1940 by Jean Carlu. Set against a white background, image: a half-length depiction of a family group consisting of an elderly man, woman and two children. They are set against an oversize portrait of Marianne, wearing a 'Tricolore' rosette in her hair. text: JEAN CARLU CLAUDE LEMEUNIER Vu à la Présidence du Conseil, Imp. S. A. COURBET - Paris SEMAINE DU SECOURS NATIONAL DU 21 AU 28 AVRIL 1940 [Seen by the Cabinet Office. S. A. Courbet, Printers – Paris. National Aid Week from 21 to 28 April 1940]

•Circa: 1940
•Dimensions:30 1/2" x 45 3/4"
linen backed.

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