Volunteer for Victory, Red Cross Original Print

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Volunteer for Victory, c. 1940-42. WWII original linen backed print calling for volunteers for the Red Cross. Photographed by Toni Frissell, a pioneering and inventive photographer, (1907 – 1988) effectively utilized a still camera to capture an abundance of action. Working for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, Frissell took photography out of the studio, shooting unprecedented fashion photos of active women outdoors. She was the first female photographer for Sports Illustrated, and was one of the only women taking sports photos for several decades. Frissell also took battlefront photos during World War II, utilizing her emotive images to encourage support for women and African-Americans in the military. Preferring small cameras that provided spontaneous-looking photographs.

•Artist:Toni Frissell
•Circa 1940-42
•Origin: USA
•Dimensions: 22"x28"
linen backed

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